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Monday, June 27, 2011

Me in a nutshell

I live in beautiful Bend, Oregon and when I am not writing thrilling young adult novels with a “Sixth Sense” type of bent, I am likely busy at work as a television anchor. Not a bad day job, I don't complain much.

Imagine your soul is trapped in a book and the pages have gone blank. The only way out is to tell your way out with a story so good, the next reader can't put it down. That's a snapshot of my debut novel, “The Storyteller” a Pacific Northwest Writer's Association award winner.

Future releases include the “Mysteries Lost” series. It follows the guy who's job it is to protect the mysteries of the world. You know, keep bigfoot from getting caught, drop a new clue about the lost city of Atlantis now and then and ensure on Halloween at least one person spots an actual ghost. I'm also working on an as yet unnamed novel where a pair of detectives investigate the crimes that happen in our dreams. The problem, a murderer has jumped from the dream world to reality and the clock is ticking before someone else dies.

Find me on twitter @marthurbooks, facebook at http://www.facebook.com/thestoryteller and of course..this blog.